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Sierra Pilot Photo Session

Sierra Pilot Photo Session

I recently did a style photo session with the Canadian rock band Sierra Pilot. It was by far the funniest shoot I have done recently. Taylor, Jason, and Jay were super awesome people to work with and they had so many awesome ideas of what they were looking to do during this shoot. (For example, the pylon Taylor put on his head, I actually loved that idea.) They were all joking around the whole time and all the pictures of them smiling or laughing are candids. That bench is actually from Taylor’s house but we moved into the middle of his street for a cool background. 

There was a really cool concrete wall near their studio so I took some headshots of them individually in front of it. I’m really happy with the overall turnout of this shoot, it was different than anything I have ever done before. I look forward to our session for next month!

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