Outfit Guide for Photoshoots

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Outfit Guide for Photoshoots

A common question I get asked before a photoshoot is “What outfit should I/we wear to the shoot?” I wanted to provide you with an outfit guide containing some outfit styles and combination suggestions so you aren’t left feeling stuck.


Use one of your go-to outfits that you love and make sure comfort comes first. You will be much more comfortable in front of the camera if you are wearing something you can move freely in and feel confident in. If you are feeling like your outfit is too casual, you can accessorize! Adding accessories like necklaces and hats can really transform your outfit.


I highly recommend neutral and earthy tones such as dark green, rust, beige, grey, black and white. These all look really great with my editing style.

If you are preparing for a family shoot, create a colour palette! Create something that consists of 3-4 colours that fits each persons own style, but still coordinates with the other family members. Avoid being too matchy, you want your outfits to compliment, not blend in with each other. Lastly, stay away from large logos, graphics, and busy patterns.


Another great tip is to match your style to the photoshoot location. For example, if you are taking pictures in a city location, dressing up your outfit would look great to match the vibe of the city. If the environment is more earthy and rural, something more casual would be perfect. If the photoshoot will be taking place in your home, I recommend choosing colours that match your space. What are the accent colours? Is your home rustic, bright/airy, moody, etc.?

Hair and Makeup

Loose hair is a great way to make your photos look more natural. (I personally love windy hair.) If you don’t like hair being in your face, I suggest pinning back the front, or putting it in a style that can still show movement in some way. Makeup should be as matte as possible to not have any glares show up in the photos. Natural and neutral colours with a matte or velvet/satin finish lipstick always look picture-perfect.


If you need some outfit inspiration, I have created a pinterest board to show some clothing that are perfect examples of what you can wear to look your best during your photoshoot. | View it here |

Please feel free to send me any of your outfit ideas and I would be more than happy to provide my feedback!

See you soon!

XO, Audrey

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